Elegant, unique and timeless, Cartier jewelry is one of the essentials to have in your jewelry box for women and men looking for lastingly beautiful and durable accessories.

Specialist in vintage and second-hand jewels with and without signature, the Castafiore team notably highlights Cartier creations through our e-shop. Treat yourself to an exceptional piece of jewelry thanks to our vast selection of rings , earrings , bracelets , necklaces , brooches and high-end watches , enough to make second hand your first choice!

The Cartier house, creator of exceptional jewels since 1847

Born in Paris, the Cartier house is the fruit of the passion of French jeweler Louis-François Cartier . Until 1964, Cartier remained a family affair and owed its national and international success to Louis, grandson of Louis-François.

Synonymous with excellence, Cartier creations demonstrate a true quest for perfection, which continues through the search for the finest materials and the design of resolutely unique jewelry. Thus, each gem is worked with the greatest care, thus revealing the know-how of Cartier jewelers and their mastery of the most advanced jewelry techniques.

Now established in 60 countries, the Cartier house definitely has nothing left to prove. From jewelry to fine jewelry, including watchmaking, leather goods and perfumery, his different areas of expertise certainly highlight his immense creativity and his exceptional capacity for innovation.

With irresistible refinement, Cartier jewelry can be worn in all circumstances , from small to large occasions. Choose them in vintage and/or pre-owned versions to benefit from more affordable accessories that are just as authentically luminous as new pieces from the Cartier catalog. At Castafiore, second-hand jewelry stands out as high-quality alternatives to traditional designer jewelry.

(Re)discover the iconic collections of the Cartier house

Multiple collections of jewelry make Cartier famous . His creations span the ages without ever aging, hence the growing popularity of vintage and second-hand jewels by Cartier. The emblematic collections of the bleu-blanc-rouge house are thus included in our catalog, to the delight of demanding consumers. This is particularly the case for the Love and Trinity ranges, both of which contain now cult pieces.

On the one hand, the Trinity collection is distinguished by the purity of its lines and the precision of its shapes. Perfectly geometric, Trinity jewelry is aimed at fans of symmetry and minimalism. Created in 1924, the Trinity ring, the flagship model of this famous collection, is reinvented today in several versions:

  • a cushion-shaped version,
  • a modular version,
  • an XL version, to be combined with the Trinity XL bracelet for the most harmonious set.
Used Trinity Cartier bracelet

On the other hand, the Love collection offers a perfect compromise between design and functionality. Designed in New York in the 1970s, the oval Love bracelet is removed using a gold screwdriver and becomes one with our wrist every day. Unfailingly original, the Love collection ideally translates the avant-garde vision of the Parisian house and its desire to change codes without compromising on the timelessness of its creations.

Let us also mention the Juste un Clou bracelet, which marks the diversion of objects in the service of high jewelry, as well as the Tank watch and its parallel bracelets, jewels embodying the precision and inventiveness of Cartier in terms of jewelry and watchmaking.

These exceptional collections and many others are highlighted at Castafiore, in the form of second-hand jewelry in impeccable condition, in accordance with all your requirements. Opt for a must-have piece or a more confidential piece of jewelry, according to your desires and your mood of the moment.

With Castafiore, choose vintage and second-hand Cartier jewelry with timeless charm

Authenticated by our expert jewelers, the second-hand jewelry available through our online platform are all authentic pieces that perfectly reflect the quality, expertise and Cartier-style aesthetics. So bet with confidence on vintage and/or second-hand Cartier jewels on castafiore.fr.

Silver, white gold, yellow gold, pink gold, platinum, leather, ceramic: the most varied materials make up the second-hand Cartier jewelry chosen and appraised by our team. Select your future vintage and/or second-hand jewelry by material(s), stones (amethyst, diamond, emerald, quartz, ruby, sapphire, etc.), period or even theme.

Find the Cartier jewel of your dreams on our site. As for second-hand rings, go for a wedding ring, a solitaire ring, a tank ring or a cocktail ring, for example, depending on your expectations and needs. Pair it with a bangle, charm or link bracelet, depending on your preferred style, as well as a choker or pendant necklace. Complete your second-hand Cartier set with hoop, dangling or clip earrings, and also set your sights on an ornamental brooch to accessorize all your day or evening outfits.

Also adopt a second-hand Cartier watch to enjoy a highly reliable timepiece with a unique design. With an automatic, mechanical or quartz movement, the watches featured on our e-shop adapt perfectly to all requirements and desires. Choose a 100% steel model or invest in a watch with a leather strap for a sporty or more urban look.

Thanks to Castafiore, choose Cartier jewels from yesterday or today, in line with your tastes and your favorite fashion inspirations. Designed between 1920 and the contemporary era, the jewelry from our selection pays a beautiful tribute to the characteristic know-how of the French house. Then assert your style and your sense of fashion through original or more classic Cartier creations and give priority to forgotten treasures waiting for a second life full of adventures and beautiful moments at your side.