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On July 28th, the Earth reached its limit. When natural demand exceeds its regenerative limit, we call it transcendence. Our planet is respected and well managed, providing us with everything we need to live without harming natural resources and the environment. However, when demand exceeds supply, we reach a 'beyond day': humans waste natural resources faster than they regenerate.

In order to prevent or slow down this overuse, we must start to better manage resources, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and develop recyclable energy. We must take more responsible and respectful actions towards the Earth to achieve a better future.

Through Castafiore, we would like to register
This more responsible way of consumption. In fact, why constantly produce new jewelry when you only need to retrieve jewelry that people no longer want. Therefore, Castafiore is a part of the circular economy model. There is already enough jewelry in circulation, rotting in boxes, cabinets, and other places, waiting for one thing: to be worn!

So, flip through your old box, separate yourself from your jewelry, and let them have a second life in Castafiore.