A timeless and iconic jewel, the solitaire ring has for centuries embodied the eternal love that unites many couples . It is the engagement ring par excellence, adorned with a diamond, a sapphire or even a ruby. Castafiore, specialist in vintage and second-hand luxury jewelry , invites you to discover this emblematic piece.

Commitment to the heart with the solitaire ring

The history of the solitaire ring is closely linked to that of the engagement ring . Men from Roman times already offered their soul mate an iron ring, the circular shape of which symbolized eternal love. Over the centuries , the tradition of placing the ring on the ring finger of the left hand has emerged. Beliefs held that a vein passing through this finger goes directly to the heart. Deep and lasting commitment was thus represented by this sweet present.

It was in the 15th century that the first solitaire ring was created , then set with a diamond. Rare and beautiful, this precious stone already embodied the eternity and purity of love. This essential jewel meets very specific codes. The cut stone is placed above the ring and held by at least 4 claws. The gem, often a diamond, is then highlighted and expresses all its purity and brilliance. The ring can also be set with small stones (this is called an accompanied solitaire) or take a more original shape.

CARTIER Solitaire Ring

Choose the perfect solitaire ring at Castafiore

There are hundreds of perfect occasions to offer or treat yourself to a solitaire ring , but the most emblematic is of course engagement. By making this choice, you are part of a great romantic tradition. We therefore advise you to select a piece of jewelry that symbolizes your relationship, by finding the ideal combination between a dazzling precious stone and an elegant alloy.

The budget: the solitaire ring, a precious jewel

The price of a solitaire ring can vary depending on several criteria, starting with the precious stone chosen. The diamond is thus the most expensive gem, because it is as beautiful and pure as it is resistant. The value of the diamond fluctuates depending on its weight, its color, the quality of its cut and its fluorescence.

Depending on your budget, you can therefore opt for a more or less refined diamond, or turn to another gem that is less expensive, but just as elegant. Choosing vintage or second-hand jewelry can be ideal, since this way you can offer an exceptional piece at the fairest price.

Choosing the gemstone that suits you best

Choosing the ideal gem is also a question of symbolism. The most common gemstones used for solitaire rings are diamond, sapphire, ruby ​​and emerald. These timeless gems all have their own meaning.

  • The diamond solitaire ring is a traditional choice , without being classic. It is appreciated for its hardness, which allows it to be worn every day without fear of damaging it, and of course for its splendor. Its radiance, transparency and brilliance have built a reputation that no longer needs to be demonstrated.
  • Sapphire is the most popular gemstone for solitaire rings, after the diamond. It symbolizes the fidelity and wisdom of a love that lasts. Less expensive than other gems, it exists in several colors, although blue sapphire remains the most popular.
  • The solitaire ring adorned with a ruby ​​represents love passion, due to the red color of this rare gemstone. Shades vary from pinkish to blood red. This sensual and elegant color embodies the power of love.
  • Emerald, with its lively and deep green, evokes nature, fertility, but also courage. This engagement ring is an original choice, but you will have to be careful to wear it carefully, as it is more fragile than other gems.

Finally, you will find other variations of solitaire rings, with semi-precious stones such as aquamarine, tourmaline, amethyst, topaz or even garnet. Some jewelers have also liked to replace the gem with a pearl. There are ultimately as many solitaire rings as there are women to wear them.

Which setting to choose for a solitaire ring?

The setting of a solitaire ring is available in several alloys, to be selected according to the preferences of the future bride. You will be able to discover models in yellow gold, pink gold, black gold, platinum or even silver.

The setting can also have different styles, from the simplest ring to an intricate setting with multiple small gemstones. Depending on your loved one's body shape and tastes, you can also choose from a wide variety of ring thicknesses. Play on discretion or extravagance, on abundance or lightness.

Trust Castafiore to choose your vintage or second-hand solitaire ring

Castafiore has been authenticating numerous luxury jewelry since 2022, with or without a signature. We can thus guarantee the quality and beauty of each piece that we offer in our catalog. Give a second life to these precious solitaire rings by giving them to your loved one or putting them on your finger.

The solitaire ring is a timeless piece of jewelry ideal for symbolizing the love of a couple . Offer an object with history to your loved one, by opting for vintage or second-hand jewelry. This piece of jewelry will therefore be imbued with the values ​​of transmission and durability that are dear to us. Buy your second-hand solitaire ring from Castafiore and choose a piece of jewelry that lasts, which will bear witness to your love for generations to come.

Do you have a solitaire ring and want to part with it? Contact Castafiore and get an appraisal of your precious jewel. We will offer to sell your ring at a fair price and promote it in our catalog rich in exceptional pieces.