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A true treasure from the Cartier house, the Love ring naturally appears in our selection of vintage, old and second-hand jewels. Find it in different forms and choose it for you or for the woman of your heart, as an engagement ring or a precious talisman. With Castafiore, give priority to a piece of jewelry with unparalleled charm to please (you) in harmony with your values ​​and your budget.

Say yes to eternal love with the iconic Love de Cartier ring!

The history of the Cartier house begins in 1847, when Louis-François Cartier, a French jeweler, took over the Parisian jewelry workshop of his master Adolphe Picard. Alfred Cartier, son of Louis-François, then joined the adventure and chose the address of 13, rue de la Paix to permanently establish the family business. Over the years, other members of the family took part in the growing success of the house and actively participated in its national and international reputation.

Among the emblematic creations signed by Cartier, we notably include the Love collection and its jewelry with strong aesthetic potential . If the Cartier Love bracelet is the first jewel of this timeless jewelry collection, the ring is also one of its essential pieces. We honor it through our vast catalog of vintage, antique and second-hand rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and watches.

The American jeweler Aldo Cipullo, then working at Tiffany & Co., is at the origin of the Cartier Love bracelet. In 1969, he created this exceptional piece, inspired by the romantic breakup he was experiencing. Thus, the jewel represents the medieval chastity belt, which itself embodies purity and loving loyalty. Once worn, this resolutely unique bracelet can only be removed using a titanium steel screwdriver, which makes it so original.

From 1978, it was the turn of the Love ring to see the light of day , as well as the necklace, the pair of earrings and other charms from this same collection. Modeled on the Love bracelet, the ring is designed with screw patterns all around its gold ring. Some models are also adorned with extremely precious diamonds, to the delight of fans of delicately sparkling jewels. Although the screws no longer serve as a clasp as on the Love bracelet, they are still present to strongly reaffirm the immense creativity behind the collection as a whole.

White gold, yellow gold, pink gold: what color should you choose for your Cartier ring?

At Castafiore, the Cartier Love ring is available in white gold, yellow gold and pink gold versions . It adapts to all preferences and desires, enough to find the perfect model to highlight your love. Specialist in fine jewelry creations, our team helps you choose the ideal Love ring to complete your collection of beautiful jewelry and enhance your hands in all circumstances.

  • The Love ring in white gold is aimed at women looking for modernity. Less traditional than the yellow gold ring, it is also synonymous with elegance and goes ideally with the rough diamond. Because it is composed of an alloy of yellow gold and nickel accompanied by a layer of rhodium, white gold always requires more maintenance precautions than other colors of gold. So remember to have the rhodium plating of your white gold Cartier ring maintained by an artisan jeweler approximately every 3 to 5 years.
  • The Love ring in yellow gold is a classic and certainly timeless choice. Its warm color harmonizes wonderfully with all skin tones, making it a safe bet for the greatest number of women. Need to restore the shine to your Cartier yellow gold jewelry? Simply use a little warm water and Marseille soap to make it shine like the first day!
  • The Love ring in pink gold promises you refinement and delicacy. Perfectly feminine, it fulfills the desires of women looking for a unique jewel for small or big occasions. Pink gold is as easy to maintain as yellow gold and pairs brilliantly with white gold for a style of great sophistication.

Is your heart torn between several colors of gold? Cartier has also designed its Love ring in a two-tone version for those who like to vary their pleasures. In this case, succumb to the Double Love model, a creation combining white gold and yellow gold in the form of an absolutely irresistible double ring.

Trust Castafiore to choose your vintage or second-hand Cartier Love ring

Since 2022, our team has been helping you make second-hand your first choice using jewelry with and without signature carefully authenticated by jewelry professionals, to be chosen for their quality and aesthetic dimension. This is particularly the case for the Love rings highlighted on our e-shop , which correspond in every way to the expectations of the most demanding consumers.

Charlotte Rey, co-founder of Castafiore in partnership with Anne Borde, worked for 20 years at the service of the Cartier house. Thus, Cartier jewelry is particularly valued on our site, like the Love ring and other references from this eminently romantic collection. Just as precious as new Love rings, the vintage and used pieces in our catalog meet all your criteria in terms of quality and authenticity. Choose them for their excellent quality-price ratio and allow an already produced piece of jewelry to live a new life worthy of its preciousness.

We also buy back your Cartier Love ring if you no longer wear it: obtain an appraisal of your luxury jewel and verification of its condition, then entrust us with the sale of your jewel in complete safety and simplicity. Once the transaction is confirmed, receive your payment by bank transfer and in this way contribute to the revaluation of a flagship piece from the Cartier catalog.