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In the era of Chopin's jewelry...

Louis Ulysse Chopard was only 24 years old when he founded a watch factory in Sovillier, Switzerland. It provides jobs for local farmers who assemble watches to supplement their low income. Manufacturing has become one of the most important manufacturing industries in the 19th century: reliable, ultra-thin, and high-precision, with pocket watches that perfectly meet customer expectations every day; This includes the Swiss Railway Company and Tsar Nicholas II.

The company achieved success and moved to the commercial center of Geneva in 1937. But the turmoil caused by World War II prevented her from regaining the noble position she held. In the 1960s, the family business was taken over by another family, Scheufele. Carl Redor's coat of arms, Caroline, twenty years later, Driving Maison Chopard In the world of high-end jewelry.

Signature of Chopin Earrings

The perfect combination of color, stone, and metal cleverly sticks to your face, bringing you a true symphony of materials and light. Breaking through his artistic limits, combining the techniques of his ancestors and modern methods, Chopin draws strength Let creativity be unleashed freely in everything she knows.

Chopin earrings, suitable for what occasions?

They accompany you every day, or shine for you in the great moments of your life; They gently outline your face or perfectly illuminate it. Chopard Earrings Illuminate your skin tone, showcase your personality, and showcase your style. Wear it alone or paired with elegant decorations to set the tone for a unique toilet. Take turns being exquisite or luxurious, and the light emitted from it will catch your attention and provide you with the attention you deserve.

Chopard Premium Jewelry Earrings Collection

Chopin's House Devote passion and professional knowledge to creating extraordinary jewelry, illuminating your life with precious milestones.

Lightweight and delicate, like lace, delicate and delicate, like the woman they sit on, earrings Precious lace Unfold their charming wreaths, as if they were kissing.

Red carpet Showcasing 75 works for the 75th Cannes Film Festival. The seventh art inspires and guides you behind the scenes in the virtual world. This is an opportunity to explore, two fish hanging in your ears, waves...

Capturing animal themes in imaginative mode takes you into a magical and charming world.Animal World Provide special treatment for various animals from all latitudes. Let them catch you

Hanging on your ears, they follow the movement of your head. Free from curls, they only do it on their heads. magic set up Let beauty be freely displayed, allowing women to feel free through these earrings, disregarding material limitations.

Green carpetLuxury goods follow ecological rules, and beauty respects the world they come from.

For youLuxury permeates your daily life, simply put, making you beautiful.

Jewelry Collection

Consistent with the most prestigious high-end jewelry model, the iconic work has earned Maison Chopard a high reputation.

Happy Hearts Earrings By combining lightness and preciousness, fluidity and eternity, the contrast is displayed. An icon that releases diamonds, saying that women are free.

Happy Diamond For a happy woman, free to evolve according to her fiery and joyful temperament as the precious stones that dance to her ears.

Urban and square, contemporary and worked, modern and refined, Cube Ice Dares the geometric stress, the flat surface and the minimalist figure to allow the light to be refractory.

Imperial Like the woman, noble and majestic like her beauty. All in finesse, symbol of wealth, she pays tribute to the feminine model which does not end her inspiring.

At Diamond Time, the woman honours the talent of passionate, loving and brilliant artists who dress her face as valuable as she does.

Chopboardist Exhibits his logo, Chopard's spirit is required with Chopardissimo.

The jeweller brings exceptional radiation to the Precious earrings That it creates for you. This positive energy is felt both by the creator who gives it, and by the woman who makes it the receptacle. It circulates in a sparkling generated by parts that shine only to illuminate you more. This grace allows you to register Chopard in the purest tradition of the jewelry.