For the Castafiore team, each creation signed by Cartier is a real favorite. Treat yourself to a bracelet from the Trinity collection in a vintage or second-hand version through our online platform, to choose for its timeless design and its unrivaled charm.

Discover our range of Cartier Trinity bracelets and find the model of your dreams or the favorite reference of someone dear to you, for a most precious gift.

The Trinity bracelet, a timeless jewel from Cartier

At Cartier, fine jewelry is a family affair. Founded in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier, a French jeweler, the Parisian luxury house has been established for many decades at 13, rue de la Paix, under the leadership of Alfred, son of Louis-François. It was Alfred's son, Louis Cartier, who created the Trinity ring of which the bracelet is a variation.

Originally, this triple ring was created at the request of Jean Cocteau, famous French poet and filmmaker. He asked for “a triple Saturnian ring” from his friend Louis Cartier and saw his wish granted in 1924 when the first version of the Trinity ring was marketed . Initially composed of platinum, yellow gold and rose gold, this exceptional piece of jewelry was subsequently made in three golds: white gold, yellow gold and rose gold.

Following the same principle, the Cartier Trinity bracelet combines three fine, elegant and delicate rings in three tones of gold. Certain models combine white gold with ceramic and/or diamonds to satisfy all desires. It's up to you to choose the perfect piece of jewelry to enhance your wrist in all circumstances or put a smile on the lips of a Cartier jewelry fan among your loved ones.

What is the symbolism of the Trinity bracelet?

With their triple ring, the jewelry from the Trinity collection wonderfully embody three essential values ​​for lovers of yesterday and today. In their classic version, pink gold represents love, yellow gold symbolizes loyalty and white gold represents friendship.

The Cartier Trinity ring therefore stands out as the ideal engagement ring for every couple without exception. Discreet and refined, it can be worn and accessorized with the greatest simplicity on a daily basis. The bracelet also allows you to assert your personality and your style on small and big occasions. Choose it to subtly highlight your elegance.

Necessarily less associated with union and romantic commitment than the Trinity ring, the bracelet from this iconic and emblematic collection of the Cartier house is thus invited into all jewelry boxes, where it is one of the safe values ​​to wear absolutely without moderation.

Succumb to the charm of a vintage or second-hand Cartier Trinity bracelet through the Castafiore selection

Specialists in antique, vintage and second-hand jewelry , our jewelry experts authenticate with the greatest rigor the jewels featured on our e-shop. Thus, each Trinity bracelet in our collection is a reliable, authentic and original piece, in line with the demands of contemporary consumers. So trust our expertise in jewelry and fine jewelry when purchasing your future luxury piece.

We select the Cartier Trinity bracelets from our catalog from exclusive resellers and private collections in order to offer them a second life at your side. With Castafiore, make second hand your first choice in harmony with your desires, your values ​​and your budget. More accessible than their new version, second-hand Cartier jewelry adapts to a greater number of lifestyles and consumption styles, something to please yourself or a loved one without guilt.

Together, let's restore the nobility of vintage and second-hand creations. Fall for the Cartier bracelet without further delay, which will never leave your wrist or that of your partner, sister or best friend.

(Re)discover the other gems of the Trinity collection

More trendy than ever, the combination of different tones of gold allows us to create resolutely unique jewelry compositions, in total harmony with our style and our mood of the moment. In this context, Cartier Trinity jewelry is particularly popular since it combines white gold, yellow gold and pink gold, for a result of the most beautiful effect.

Worn alone or in accumulation, Trinity jewelry definitely has all the assets to seduce those who like to follow fashion trends. Versatile, these prestigious jewels also conform to more conventional and traditional styles, which is why the Trinity ring, bracelet or even necklace are often a perfect choice.

In the Trinity collection, the ring and the bracelet are indeed not the only representatives of the know-how and creativity of the Parisian jewelry house. The ring certainly inspired the creation of the other jewels in this same collection, since each of them uses the same aesthetic codes by brilliantly combining three shades of gold and/or three materials on three intertwined rings.

In this sense, the bracelet presents itself as an XXL version of the Trinity ring with its irresistible bangle shape. As a bangle, the Trinity bracelet is both easy to put on and wear day and night. Similarly, the Trinity necklace takes the form of a triple ring suspended from a gold mesh chain. As for the earrings in the collection, they take the format of small hoop earrings in a triple ring version.

Do you like the Trinity bracelet? You will love the ring, necklace and matching earrings! Explore our vast range of Cartier jewelry to invest in one or more beautiful piece(s). Many Cartier Trinity references are regularly added to our catalog: so stay tuned for our latest news! On the contrary, would you like to part with one of your Cartier jewels? Also entrust the sale of your vintage and second-hand treasures to our experts for a simple and secure transaction.