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A true jewelry treasure, the Cartier Trinity ring is both the jewel of the stars and that of lovers of French luxury jewelry. From Romy Schneider to Lady Diana, Grace Kelly and Edward VIII, Duke of Windsor, a host of celebrities have proudly represented the iconic charm of this precious gem over the decades.

Thanks to Castafiore, you can also become the happy owner of a vintage or second-hand Trinity ring , an exceptional piece that meets your requirements and your style.

The Trinity ring, an iconic and timeless piece of jewelry by Cartier

Since 1847, the Cartier family house has built its national and international reputation around its high jewelry creations. Founded by Louis-François Cartier, a professional jeweler, it was then joined by various members of the Cartier family who all contributed to the reputation of this Parisian luxury house at 13, rue de la Paix.

Even today, many Cartier jewels are among the favorite pieces of the finest connoisseurs of fine jewelry. This is particularly the case for jewelry from the Love collection, of which the bracelet was the first representative in 1969, and before them the Trinity ring designed in 1925.

Louis Cartier, grandson of the founder of the famous jewelry house, designed the very first Trinity ring at the request of Jean Cocteau , French poet and filmmaker elected to the French Academy in 1955. He indeed wanted “a triple ring Saturnian”. In 1924, Louis Cartier manufactured a triple ring made of platinum, yellow gold and pink gold and Jean Cocteau became its ambassador.

Original and highly symbolic, the jewel enjoyed rapid and lasting success. Men and women are happy to wear a Trinity ring on their finger, now designed from three golds (white, yellow and pink). This jewel is, however, available in several versions and sometimes combines yellow gold with diamonds or white gold with ceramic to suit all tastes and desires.

Everyone can therefore enjoy a model that reflects their image or vary the pleasures by collecting several pieces from the Trinity collection. Also consider the Trinity necklace to enhance your neckline or accessorize your favorite outfits. Chic and minimalist, it takes up the aesthetic codes of the ring of the same name to please fans of jewelry in three golds.

What is the symbolism of the Trinity ring?

Like many jewels, the Cartier Trinity ring is an eminently romantic jewel . Each of its three rings symbolizes a value dear to lovers: pink gold embodies love, yellow gold is synonymous with fidelity and white gold is a guarantee of friendship.

The Trinity ring is therefore one of the engagement rings favored by many couples. It ideally represents union and romantic commitment, while being simple to wear and accessorize on a daily basis.

In short, choose this Cartier jewel as a sign of your love to offer to the loved one of your heart or adopt it for the simple pleasure of owning a timeless ring with strong aesthetic potential. With it, wonderfully assert your sense of elegance and dress your hand in a refined and timeless way. Explore our selection of Trinity rings to find the jewel that will never leave your finger again.

Fall for a vintage or second-hand Cartier Trinity ring from Castafiore

Vintage and second hand are in the spotlight at Castafiore. With or without signature, the rings , bracelets , necklaces and earrings authenticated by our jewelry experts promise you quality, reliability and longevity. Buy your Trinity ring with complete confidence through our online platform.

Carefully selected from exclusive resellers and private collections, the Cartier rings in our catalog are authentic pieces and take part in the jewelry of lives that we wish to highlight: jewelry that crosses eras and borders to offer moments of privileged happiness for fans of beautiful jewelry.

We offer you a beautiful collection of vintage or used Cartier Trinity rings , to choose according to your tastes and your budget. From the classic three-gold model to diamond-set references, find the ideal piece of jewelry for you or your loved one. For even more choice, regularly consult our e-shop and set your sights on the rare gem.

Also discover the other Cartier jewelry available on and complete your collection with ease. Now make second-hand your first choice in order to offer new life to an exceptional jewel in total harmony with your convictions and your vision of fashion.

Size guide: how to choose your future Trinity ring?

Do you want to invest in a Cartier Trinity ring for you or your partner? Follow the guide to find the perfect size !

In the world of jewelry and fine jewelry, we talk about “finger size” to refer to the size of rings. The average size is 52 or 54 for women, compared to 60 or 62 for men. In other words, women generally have a circumference or finger size of between 5.20 and 5.40 cm, while men generally have a circumference or finger size of 6.0 or 6.20 cm. .

To find out your own finger size, use a ring sizer if you have one available or take a tape measure. With a flexible sewing tape measure, measure the circumference of your finger where you usually place your rings. Then convert the diameter obtained into the corresponding ring size. For even more precision, also go to a jewelry store to have the circumference of your finger measured by a professional using suitable tools.

At Castafiore, ring sizes can range from 44 to 69, depending on available stocks, to adapt to all needs. So all you have to do is choose the Cartier jewel of your dreams on our site!