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Young, great, and beautiful Dior jewelry

Christian Dior's father was a wealthy industrialist who came from the business world. Due to his affinity and talent, he quickly turned to art. In 1925, he opened his first art gallery, and the financial collapse of his family caused by the 1929 crisis put him on his own path. He was passionate about fashion design, selling sketches to fashion designers at the time, and became a fashion illustrator for the Figaro newspaper. In 1946, he founded his own fashion store.

One year after opening, her first women's clothing collection marked the beginning of her outstanding international career. Christian Dior made the front page of The New York Times. It was awarded the Legion of Honor. In 1955, he opened the Dior House at 30 Montaigne Avenue. In 1957, he died of a heart attack. Pierre Balmain took over from him, followed by others who always opened a new chapter but always cultivated the style of the house. More than 50 years after Dior's establishment, the jewelry department was established under the sponsorship of Victoire de Castellane.

The youngest French jewelry store quickly gained a high reputation. The installation of the Dior Joaillerie Place Vend ô me has completed its noble status.

Dior earrings, suitable for what occasions?

Anytime, anywhere. Because there is no need to wait for it to shine, whether in daily life or in special occasions. They accompany you every day, illuminating your skin color, gently outlining your face, making it bright; They set the tone for a chic toilet, affirm your personality, and showcase your style. Exquisite or luxurious in sequence, starting from Dior earrings Show the light within you.

Signature of Dior Earrings

The style of Dior earrings Cleverly combining excellent technology and originality from the traditional jewelry world. This young prodigy revisits classics and creates novelty. This is the way Dior House reshapes its heritage and leaves its mark on every piece: it always seeks new things and captures the unknown.

Which Dior earrings to choose?

Follow his golden thread, grasp the roughness of his gemstone.

of Rose of the Wind Expanding the eight branches of the twinkling star it forms, it is Christian Dior who conveys his lucky charm, which in turn brings you good luck. Victoire de Castellane placed his grain of salt, or more precisely, his grain of rice, in the twisted decoration of the medal, and Dior's elegance illuminated your face.

Abstract, asymmetrical, and colorful, Gem Dior Bring all the success stories of Maison de Couture to the jewelry department. From foot to head, through the elegance of the ears.

She is everywhere, and in her creations, she symbolizes beauty and elevates femininity, Rose Dior sewing It is the iconic theme of the house, questioning the world around it, placing it on a woman and magnifying her.

The artist's gaze caught the hidden beauty that others overlooked. And RedwoodThis is the stem of this beautiful flower, which does not unfold its delicate petals, but extends the branch towards your face. But she put the gold and diamond thorns there.

An old rose? Like the precious Bagatelle garden, where does the rose garden bloom? This is a count without exquisite craftsmanship Rose Dior Bagatelle Who picked modern jewelry in the past.

Dior provides you with a rich and colorful bouquet, where leaves and flowers, sometimes even bees, are crystallized from precious gold. Only accept flowers Rose Dior Pre Catelan.

Iconic, Archi Dior Jewelry is resolutely stitched. Because we don't get back ...

To your ears scintillate a combination of Mimioui and Rose des vents. Mimirose, because nothing is too much for you.

Yes, it's not to you to say, but to the Earrings that you wear And who speak for you. So persuasive.

Always in search of style and elegance, the Maison Dior does not end up questioning the jewelry of French tradition. To his love for the woman who pushed her to dress in the head at the feet, he missed the final mark, the one given by the Earrings Sublimes that you put in a glance at your mirror.