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La Maison Fred: from darkness to light

How did the light of Latin America reach Paris? How models as bright and fresh as the Fred jewelry Did they surface, as if emerging from the ocean, to reach the Parisian cobblestones?

Fred Samuel, born in 1908 in Argentina into a family of Alsatian origin, returned to Paris to train as a jeweler. It was he who introduced the cultural pearl to France. A pearl of a particular creamy pink even takes its name. Then it is the colored diamond which marks its originality. In 1936, he founded his House at 14, rue de la Paix and illuminated the design of the Parisian capital, restoring the light of the distant horizons he traveled. The Vichy government forced him to remove the name “Samuel” from his sign; a yellow star is placed on the front of his jewelry store which he soon seizes. It is the dark hour in the history of the House, the time of clandestinity in the resistance. Regaining possession of his property, Fred opens a new chapter, and it is the return of the light.

The Fred signature: an invitation to travel

Stones that absorb light, pearls that reflect the shimmer of water, sparkling golds and composite materials, that's pretty much all that goes into the composition of the Fred jewel. Captivating, the Fred jewel unfolds in a rainbow of shades to bring the sumptuous changing colors of the horizon to you. It captures the beauty of the distance to give it back to you. Fred jewelry is this delicate piece that hugs a woman's curves to reveal her sensuality and moves on her like the rolling waves. But its curved line can give way to a solid creation which, by coming together with determination, underlines the power of man, affirms his will and his character. It is the movement of life that Fred jewel wife, or even beauty in its luminous forms.

What know-how for Fred jewelry?

It touches you and it is the light that falls on you; it moves on you and it is life that dances with you. The Fred jewel gives more light to already sparkling gold, it revives the most shimmering colors. With it, the mineral lives, and gives life to everything it touches. Wear it, luminous and full of vitality, and shine, vibrate! Let yourself be caressed by this new wave which captures the elusive, which creates a subtle, complicit and tender link between natural beauty and you.

A Fred jewel, for what occasion?

The light is changing, and the ocean is alive. The Fred jewel integrates this movement. Modular, interchangeable, it follows a mixed aesthetic that adapts to each person's personality. It almost contains several jewels at once in this desire to embrace the incessant renewal of life! This mastery of the art of personalization allows you to wear Fred jewelry in a thousand and one ways, and transform it according to your desires. And, like him, to capture the light in its changing chromatic plays. The only constant that does not vary in Fred jewelry: it communicates its joyful energy. Light, subtle or dazzling, controlled or infinite, inspires Maison Fred. The distance pushes her on a journey of which you are now a part. This lover of living pearls, colored stones, incandescent gold like the sun which casts its splendid glow on the ocean, captures this luminous beauty to deposit it on you. Let yourself be dazzled and radiate in your turn. Because the real gem is you.