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Castafiore likes to talk about jewelry of lives to refer to second-hand jewelry , these jewels rich in memories and experiences. We offer you a wide choice of second-hand rings, to choose for you or for the pleasure of offering an exceptional piece worthy of your love, your friendship or your affection.

Discover the pretty second-hand rings from our catalog of old, vintage and second-hand jewelry and set your sights on a precious model at a more affordable price than a new version.

Second-hand rings, story-telling jewels

Not only timeless, beautiful jewelry also has the power to be eternal: it is difficult to imagine a time when gold and silver will no longer be considered the precious metals of choice for master jewelers and where diamonds will no longer be the woman's best friends.

Thus, second-hand rings are readily fashion accessories , good luck charms and other talismans for those who identify their potential, their excellence and their singularity. At Castafiore, we affirm that second-hand jewelry is a veritable mine of forgotten treasures in which to find jewels that are just waiting to be seen, worn, given and passed on to infinity, for a lasting enhancement of their qualities aesthetic and artisanal.

Crossing eras, borders and generations, second-hand rings embody the passion of a craftsman, or even the emotion or style of its former owner, which is why we prefer the authenticity of a second-hand jewel with the neutrality of a new jewel.

Favor second-hand rings: why?

Compared to new jewelry, second-hand rings are aimed at a greater number of budgets and contribute in particular to the democratization of luxury jewelry, whether with or without a signature.

Buying a second-hand ring as a gift or a little personal pleasure also means choosing to give a second wind to a piece already produced and resulting from jewelry know-how to be showcased and honored. Second hand is also part of a logic of more reasoned and responsible consumption, which is opposed to the overproduction common to the world of jewelry and the world of luxury.

Consuming less but better, for us that is the whole point of prioritizing second-hand jewelry. So, if you no longer wear certain rings because your tastes have evolved or because they are linked to a bygone period in your personal history, such as an ended romantic relationship, consider passing them on or selling them. to make a happy person among people looking for the perfect second-hand jewel.

Bet on second-hand rings authenticated by jewelry experts with Castafiore

Selected from exclusive resellers or from private collections, the second-hand rings that enrich our catalog of beautiful jewelry are all appraised by our team before being offered for sale on our site. Whether they are signed or not, they are subject to rigorous authentication which allows us to verify the authenticity of their manufacturing materials, from gold to silver and platinum, including gems. and semi-precious stones.

Upstream, our team carries out meticulous selection work, in order to choose only rare pearls likely to easily find a new contemporary owner to live a second life worthy of their preciousness. Anne Borde and Charlotte Rey, the two founders of Castafiore, fortunately know how to spot and find second-hand rings with high potential. Get ready because you are likely to have many favorites by consulting our collection of second-hand jewels!

Our mantra? Make second hand our first choice. For this, we are betting on the diversity of our catalog of second-hand rings, between retro models and contemporary models. All you have to do is let yourself be tempted by THE ideal ring, according to your own requirements and the filters available on our online platform.

The most beautiful second-hand rings are highlighted through our online store

White gold, yellow gold, pink gold, silver, platinum: the second-hand rings from our selection are distinguished by their exceptional character. Stones with unique brilliance such as diamonds, sapphires and emeralds are also featured on most of our second-hand rings, to the delight of fans of colorful pieces.

Between wedding rings , signet rings , cocktail rings , tank rings and solitaire rings, our second-hand rings certainly adapt to all styles, all occasions and all desires. Find your future engagement ring at Castafiore or invest in a purely ornamental ring to express your style and personality on a daily basis.

Renowned jewelry houses also complete our catalog of second-hand rings. This is for example the case of Boucheron , Cartier , Chanel , Chopard or Fred , whose expertise no longer needs to be proven. With the desire to restore the nobility of unsigned rings, we however mix references with and without signature within our selection of second-hand rings, so that the reputation of a brand is not the only criterion of choice. on our site.

Resolutely unique, our second-hand rings are seen as genuine love at first sight. Let yourself be charmed by the sophisticated minimalism of a 100% gold jewel or fall for a piece adorned with a thousand and one white diamonds of irresistible brilliance.

Do you want to sell second-hand rings ?

Trust the experience of our team in jewelry and have your treasures authenticated with our experts. Once appraised, these can then be sent to us at our expense and in complete security in order to join the ranks of second-hand jewelry in our online catalog. We take care of checking the condition and authenticity of each piece before it is put online and set a fair price with each seller to promise you a reliable service adapted to all your needs.

With Castafiore, now sell and buy your second-hand jewels with complete peace of mind.