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On time in its time, ahead of its time: the Maison Chopard

Louis-Ulysse Chopard was only twenty-four years old when he founded one of the most important watch manufacturers of the 19th century. He set up his business in Sonvilier, Switzerland. It is local farmers who assemble the watches to supplement their low income. Chopard quickly responds to the expectations of its customers with its reliable, ultra-thin, high-precision pocket watches for every day. Among the most prestigious, the “Tir Fédéral”, the Swiss railway company and Tsar Nicholas II.

Internationally renowned, the company moved in 1937 to Geneva, a major business location. From its founding until 1943, the company was passed down from generation to generation in the family. The post-war period saw its decline. In the sixties, the Scheufele family succeeded the Chopard family. Karl Scheufele III brings the House out of its oblivion and restores its international prestige. Twenty years later, Caroline Scheufele forges the Chopard identity by opening up the world of fine jewelry to him.

The signature of Chopard necklaces

Originally, a jewelry know-how in which tradition meets innovation, technicality merges with originality. Qualities perfected over the years and which never stop exploring splendid materials, developing unprecedented models. Because the Chopard House is driven by a passion for beauty, by a desire to shine for women, by a desire to excel for you.

A Chopard necklace, for what occasion?

A resplendent palette of Chopard necklaces and pendants is available to express all the nuances of emotion and accompany you in your daily life or during the greatest moments of your life. Suitable for all occasions, it has only one real function: to enhance you by embracing you voluptuously. Let yourself be surrounded by this exceptional piece.

The high jewelry collection of Chopard necklaces

Real jewels, created by hand and made to measure, come to life in the workshop... A light, fluid, airy jewel that is worn like a fabric: the Precious lace necklace, delicate like lace which takes the shape of a corolla, has the charm of yesteryear. The seventh art is in the spotlight with Red Carpet: on the occasion of the seventy-fifth Cannes Film Festival, 75 creations are staged.

An event marked by the muse Julia Roberts adorned with a unique jewel, a yellow colored diamond of more than 100 carats. A dreamlike bestiary for a magical anniversary collection: Animal World is a fabulous world that takes on the shimmering colors of nature to celebrate it. The rare, absolute, perfect stone, The Queen of Kalahari diamond is a marvel of nature. This sublime piece surrounded by a constellation of diamonds composes a precious garden.

An innovative technique makes the setting disappear: Magical setting sparkles with new brilliance and reveals a flower with an immense heart paved with precious stones.

When aesthetics meets ethics... Green carpet spreads its luxurious carpet, paying attention to where it deploys it. It is even more valuable.

Today's luxury is elegant, delicate, splendid, but above all easy to wear with the For you collection, created for you.

The Chopard necklace jewelry collection

Chopard also illuminates the world of jewelry with its collection created for today’s woman.

An iconic piece with a symbolic heart and emblematic moving diamonds, Happy hearts gives the jewel the beat of pulsating life. In the pendant version, Happy Hearts Wings, these are the heart-shaped wings of the butterfly which symbolize love and freedom.

Mobile diamonds, freed from the constraints of the setting, evolve madly between two sapphire crystals: the Happy Diamonds symbolize the joy of living of the free woman.

The perfect geometry of the Ice cube with its square facets and clean edge combines urban elegance and modern design. The paradox arises from the light that shimmers infinitely from blocks aligned in tight rows.

Impériale shines as the modern woman with imperious beauty. Finesse and richness join the nobility and majesty of the feminine model who inspires him.

It’s Diamond Hour, but also the time to honor the talent and virtuosity of passionate, loving and brilliant craftsmen.

Chopardissimo rejoices in embodying the spirit of the House and wears its logo with pride.

In the tumult of everyday life or during a special moment, in a natural, almost instinctive gesture, the woman never neglects to adorn herself with a necklace. The Chopard watchmaker, which knows nothing about the hectic life of the modern woman, has nevertheless stopped time for her, with its timeless and iconic creations.