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Opposed by definition to new jewelry, pre-owned jewelry is a way of revaluing pieces that have been worn, then put aside by their owners through weariness or lack of opportunity. A radical change of style can also explain why a piece of jewelry once adored is now hated, or at least forgotten at the bottom of a jewelry box.

With the conviction that every piece of jewelry is a potential "coup de coeur", we feature a wide selection of top-quality pre-owned jewelry in our online boutique. They're waiting for you to embark on new adventures and shine brightly in all circumstances.

You'll find the bracelet, the necklace, the ring or the pair of earrings from among our thousand and one items of second-hand jewelry to wear, offer, pass on or even transform, in keeping with the virtuous circle of second-hand.

Castafiore - authenticated second-hand jewelry by expert jewellers

The pre-owned jewels in our catalog of exceptional jewels are selected from exclusive retailers or private collections. We choose them first and foremost for their aesthetic potential, but above all we ensure that they meet all our quality requirements.

With many years' experience in the world of jewelry, and established skills in the authentication and appraisal of fine objects in general and jewelry in particular, Charlotte Rey and Anne Borde - the two founders of Castafiore - know how to spot rare pearls and anticipate the contemporary success of an antique jewel.

After the most rigorous appraisal, the pre-owned jewels that come into the hands of our jewelry and haute joaillerie specialists can join our catalog, as long as they combine beautiful design with outstanding jewellery craftsmanship and top-quality materials.

Whether antique (pre-1950), vintage (pre-2000) or modern, our jewelry is aimed at all buyer profiles. Suitable for all styles and budgets, they help to restore the prestige of second-hand jewellery, proving that what isn't new isn't necessarily less quality or less desirable.

On the contrary, second-hand jewelry is an ideal response to the gradual reconfiguration of consumption patterns, between ethics and ecology.

Access a vast collection of signed and unsigned pre-owned jewelry on our website

Just take a look at our pre-owned jewelry and you'll see that our selection is extremely rich and varied, in terms of style, price and category. Rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches, watches: we offer you 100% second-hand jewellery to suit your taste and your purchasing power. Each category is further broken down into more specific sub-categories, as demonstrated by our range of pre-owned rings, including solitaires, wedding rings and timeless cocktail rings.

All the more so for our pre-owned jewelry collection is divided between signed and unsigned pieces. Recognizing jewelry above all for its intrinsic quality and beauty, we believe that unsigned jewels deserve as much a place in our catalog as their branded counterparts. Chanel pre-owned jewelry, Boucheron or Cartier rub shoulders with nameless pieces in no particular order in our online boutique.

Signed or unsigned second-hand jewelry makes luxury accessible to a wider range of consumers. Less expensive than their new versions, they invite high jewelry into the consumer habits of lovers of fine jewelry on a limited budget, demonstrating an inclusivity that certainly contributes to the growing popularity of second-hand jewelry in modern society.

Why choose second-hand jewelry?

As well as being more affordable, second-hand jewelry is also more eco-responsible than new jewelry. Faced with the dual logic of overproduction and overconsumption, more and more second-hand jewels are in circulation, in search of a new owner. Giving them priority is tantamount to encouraging the circular economy, which guarantees lower production and, by extension, better management of natural resources.

Alongside precious materials such as gold, silver, diamonds and other (semi-) precious stones commonly used by jewellers past and present, pre-owned jewelry already produced and put back on sale seems to us to deserve the right to be seen, worn and passed on ad infinitum, in the same way as new pieces.

Beyond their eco-responsible dimension, we also like to pre-owned jewelry for the beautiful stories of life they have to tell. At Castafiore, we often prefer to speak of second-hand jewelry, an expression we feel more closely reflects the singularity of these jewels with their sometimes rich and poetic pasts.

Behind a piece of second-hand jewelry, for example, lies a love story, a friendly encounter or any other unique moment in life capable of awakening our sense of imagination. While new jewelry is synonymous with neutrality, pre-owned jewelry is the perfect symbol of the jewelry of life(s), a world full of treasures to be discovered with a smile on your face and stars in your eyes.

No longer wearing them? Sell your pre-owned jewelry through our online platform 

To make second-hand jewellery our first choice, we not only offer you the opportunity to sell your second-hand jewellery, we also offer you the chance to buy it second-hand jewelrybut also to sell the pieces you wish to part with.

Send us your used jewelry in complete confidence: we'll take care of valuing them, putting them up for sale and delivering them safely to their future owner. We promise you a fair and transparent price, in line with the authentication carried out by our expert jewellers.

Once the sale of your jewels has been concluded on our site, receive your payment as soon as possible and set off to discover new second-hand jewels to which you can give a worthy second life.