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Fred, From Buenos Aires to Paris

Fred Samuel was born in Argentina in 1908, into a family of Alsatian origin who traded in pearls and stones. In Paris, he trained as a jeweler and introduced cultured pearls to France. A pearl of a distinctive creamy pink even took his name. In 1936, he founded his own company.

At the outbreak of war, he enlisted in the Foreign Legion, was taken prisoner, managed to escape and returned to Paris to take over his boutique. The Vichy government affixed the yellow star to his storefront and forced him to remove the name "Samuel" from his sign. He joined the Resistance and took over Maison Fred at the end of the war.

Renowned artists, prestigious locations, exceptional jewels and original creations make Fred one of the world's top ten jewelers. Colored diamonds were his trademark, but it was the woman he never ceased to celebrate that opened the doors of the seventh art to his boutique, now located at 14, rue de la Paix.

Fred's signature rings

Nostalgia for his homeland, a passion for the sea and a memory of pearls and stones underpin the jeweler's creativity, as he constantly captures the light and refracts it in his jewelry. An infinite palette of colors with shimmering reflections and multiple prisms is born of this quest for light.

An assortment of models is also born, with Fred opting for customization and versatility. Original pieces capture beauty in shifting combinations.

The expertise of Fred rings

Fred's excellent craftsmanship, which masters traditional gestures, is constantly enriched by new techniques and ingenious mechanisms. In 2017, for example, the House won medals and awards for its digital tool "Atelier Fred", which allows you to personalize your jewelry with your choice of materials and colors.

Between heritage and innovation, artistic heritage and a resolutely forward-looking outlook, the prowess of a House that illustrates its expert know-how combined with limitless inventiveness takes shape.

A Fred ring, for what occasion?

The "jewel to live with" from "Moderne - Joaillier - Créateur" Fred, to use its own words, accompanies you every day, or shines superbly for you on special occasions. Whether worn on its own or in combination, this jewel will serve you in every aspect of your life, because it was created just for you.

Fred celebrates women and dedicates a collection of Fred rings

collection, the Fred Force 10 ring ring is a veritable manifesto for powerful spirits who gaze beyond the horizon. The unexpected meeting of sea cable and gold shackle gives it a raw, refined aesthetic that symbolizes a taste for the great outdoors, a thirst for adventure and a demand for freedom.

Sketching a line of good fortune towards the future, the eternal loop formed by Chance infinie unfurls its interlacing gold on your finger to bring you good luck.

A vibrant jewel of freedom, the Pretty woman ring celebrates the many facets of love: daring, joyful, secret... but always eternal, as indicated by the powerful "heart within a heart" symbol.

Generous and gourmand, shimmering and subtle, the Fred Pain de sucre ring is an invitation to travel, paying homage to the Latin America so dear to the founder of the Maison. Between sensations and emotions, let the light guide you.

Make no mistake: it feigns simplicity, flirts with minimalism, asserts purity, but the Success ring produces a real attraction with its marriage of rectitude and sensuality, rigor and voluptuousness.

Radiant, luminous, solar in a word, the Une île d'or ring carries you away in its golden furrow, loses you in its dream of elsewhere. She captures the light only to make it shimmer in your hand.

Two nonchalantly crossed feline paws suggest the animal's complicit presence, hinting at its full silhouette. Never has a hovering feline shadow revealed so much light.

Force 10, Chance infinie, Pretty woman and Ombre féline also take you on a journey to haute joaillerie. Follow the horizon they point to...

The growing reputation of the Maison Fred is the result of a combination of excellent craftsmanship and bold creativity. More than a passion, it's a quest that has animated this house since its creation and guides its steps: that of the luminous beauty it strives to reflect on you.