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Featly and elegantly, this is what the Dinh Van bands selected by Castafiore To sublime your hands and fingers in all circumstances. Discover then sumptuous rings of second hand signed Dinh Van through our online shop and succumb to the charm of a luxury jewelry at accessible prices, to carry with pleasure and insurance on a daily basis.

The ring Dinh Van, a Parisian jewel synonymous with luxury and creativity

It was in 1965 that Dinh Van jewellery house Takes life in the heart of Paris, in a context where the development of design and ready-to-wear encourages creative artists and artists to demonstrate their talent. Based on his experience at the Cartier house, Jean Dinh Van has the ambition to invite luxury in the everyday life of modern women thanks to jewels of timeless charm. As a result, the Dinh Van dagger brilliantly materializes the singularity of the house in the universe enchanted by the French high jewelry.

Over the years, Dinh Van imagined serial icons. Jewellery like the ring " Briefs " (1976), which passes the clasp to the foreground where other jewellery houses attempt to hide it on their creations, or the ring " Seventies ", which diverts the anneau-emerges from the key rings of its initial use, mark the spirits as proof of the modernity of the Dinh Van house.

Not hesitating to introduce minimalism in the high jewelry, Dinh Van celebrates the beauty of essential shapes through its jewels. In particular, the ring Dinh Van is defined sometimes by its roundness, sometimes by its strained lines and symbolises in all cases the close link between simplicity and sophistication.

Find the rare pearl in our collection of second hand Dinh Van rings

At Castafiore, we like to highlight signed and unsigned parts, as long as they accord with our own vision of the beautiful. That is why we propose you A fine selection of Dinh Van rings, Jewellery of exceptional quality carefully crafted from materials as noble as solid silver, yellow gold, white gold, diamond, pearl or ruby.

From the rings of the daily to the famous square wedding rings of the house, the Dinh Van rings of our selection are in all circumstances, for the simple pleasure of arboreal a jewelry signed from French manufacture. By making a round among our Dinh Van rings, you may even have the chance to find such iconic models as the rings " Briefs " And " Seventies ".

Minimalist or more atypical, the Dinh Van rings Highlighted by Castafiore are required in all cases as objects of memory, as privileged witnesses of past stories. By investing in a Dinh Van second hand ring, you will then offer a second life to a jewel whose beauty, in the image of the quality of a good wine, increases with the years. Because each model is unique on our site, check our catalogue of beautiful jewels regularly to find the ideal ring, for you or for a woman of your entourage.