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The House of Dior

Christian Dior was born in 1905, into a family of wealthy industrialists. His favorite field, however, was in the artistic field and in 1925 he opened his first art gallery. The crisis of 1929 ruined his family, and the young man continued on his own path. He learned fashion design, sold sketches to couturiers and became a fashion illustrator for Le Figaro. It was in 1946 that he founded his fashion house. His first women's ready-to-wear collection marked the start of an illustrious career that established him all over the world. Christian Dior makes the front page of the New York Times and is decorated with the Legion of Honor. In 1955, he opened a store at 30, avenue de Montaigne. He died suddenly of a heart attack in 1957. Pierre Balmain succeeded him, and after him the most famous designers, each time opening a new chapter, but always cultivating the style of the House. It was only more than fifty years after its founding that the House of Dior created a Jewelry department, under the guidance of Victoire de Castellane. The youngest French jewelry house is nevertheless among the most prestigious. The installation of Dior Joaillerie on Place Vendôme finished consecrating it.

Dior Know-how

The virtuoso know-how of the House celebrates the Dior codes, and transposes them into the new world of jewelry. Proud of its gigantic and sublime heritage, enjoying the prestige of yesteryear, jewelry does not hesitate to impose the artistic soul of a very young house. Perhaps because she got into this field very late, the House of Dior, with the audacity of youth, disrupts the classical world into which she enters and pushes its limits. Insolent, but beautiful, she breathes this renewal with a mastery which suggests that she has always been there. By reinventing tradition with its originality, it has come a long way to simply land on your finger.

A Dior ring, for what occasion?

By putting on a Dior ring, it is an exceptional heritage, reinvented by the creativity of a great House, influenced by the world of art, that you place on your hand. But whatever? Depending on the moment, according to the seasons, or because you feel like it, spend the Dior ring on your finger. Because your femininity demands it, because it’s trendy; because, quite simply, elegance has no time.

From gold threads to precious stones, the Dior line creeps onto your hand.

An eight-pointed star, shaped like Compass, brought good luck to Christian. Dior offers it to you and adds a touch of elegance with its grain of rice twist which adorns a medallion which oscillates according to the movement of your hand.

Asymmetrical, colorful, on the verge of abstraction, GEM DIOR is coquettishly adorned with a stone and recalls the world of couture from which it comes.

The Pink Dior Couture line pays homage to the favorite motif of the House of Dior found on iconic pieces, the rose. Highly stylized, it nonetheless retains its feminine and sensual nature.

It is the stem of this splendid flower which is the subject of all the attention of the House of Dior with Rosewood. Jewelry obliges, its thorns are of gold and diamonds.

Precious like the rose garden to which it owes its name, Rose Dior Bagatelle blossoms on your finger. But its flowers are timeless.

The joyful and colorful bouquet composed of leaves and crystallized flowers is gathered by bees with Rose Dior Pré Catelan. When nature dialogues with woman...

The emblematic pieces of the House of Dior come to rest on your hand. Archi Dior takes her dresses and suits out of her closets and transposes them into gold and stones.

On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of Dior Joaillerie, Mimirose re-invent Mimioui And Compass, by combining the finesse of its stones with the grain-of-rice setting.

Yesto love, to life, to whatever you want, as long as it is said with gold threads and diamonds.

Christian Dior's love for women, his passion for art, his visionary spirit have never ceased to enlighten the world of fashion. By focusing on the jewelry she wears, the House has taken a further step to magnify women around the world. For the woman that you are, Dior ring embodies the taste for luxury of a great House and the prestige of jewelry Made in France.

Why choose an old, vintage or second-hand Dior ring?

The house of Dior has almost a century of history under its belt. It certainly appears in the ranking of the most prestigious luxury brands in the world, all categories combined. Since 1946, Dior has had the opportunity to diversify and develop its trademark, which makes the jewelry and haute couture creations of the French house instantly recognizable. Even today, Dior imagines rings in perfect harmony with its own identity and with current fashion trends.

However, the vintage and old Dior rings reflect the fashion of past decades. They stand out as privileged witnesses of the style of our mothers, even our grandmothers, which makes them even more precious than contemporary jewelry. Wearing a ring from the Dior catalog from the 1940s or 1980s, for example, means choosing a piece of jewelry that tells a story and transmits an emotion. In new or second-hand versions, these rings are truly unique, as they become increasingly rare on the market over the years.

Notably, second-hand Dior rings have all the potential to become your first choice. Symbolizing the revaluation of existing resources, in a context of overproduction and overconsumption, they offer you the opportunity to assert your values ​​and your style without making any compromise.

Why trust Castafiore when choosing your future Dior ring?

Behind Castafiore are two passionate about jewelry and exceptional pieces, whose ambition is both to transmit their love of beautiful jewelry and to restore the nobility of creations of the past. The Dior house therefore naturally invites itself through our online store, to the extent that it undeniably belongs to the French jewelry heritage. In particular, Dior rings brilliantly illustrate the know-how and passion of jewelry artisans of yesterday and today, which is why we are committed to authenticating jewelry as iconic as these rings with their authentic charm. and timeless.

In fact, each Dior ring is characterized by a design as original as it is sophisticated, capable of seducing all generations without exception. We specifically want to enable as many modern women as possible to appropriate yesterday's pieces and wear them with pride, pleasure and confidence every day. In our opinion, these wonders of the past deserve to be embraced as true fashion accessories rather than being hidden in jewelry boxes like works of art in a museum.

Our more global desire is to facilitate access to unique old and vintage jewelry, like the Dior rings which enrich our catalog. The latter nevertheless rub shoulders with unsigned jewelry on our site, thus proving the omnipresence of beauty in the world of jewelry and fine jewelry. Thanks to Castafiore, give a second life to hidden treasures, whether they are signed Dior or authenticated without a signature. With quality and beauty as the common denominator, the jewelry highlighted on our online store is defined in short as jewels of life, to be worn, given and transmitted to infinity, for the greatest happiness of lovers pretty jewelry and beautiful stories.