The Dior bracelet is a piece of jewelry that is both qualitative, aesthetic and durable. Perfectly responding to the desires and quality requirements of contemporary consumers, our vintage and second-hand models certainly prove the timelessness of Dior jewelry.

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The Dior bracelet, a reflection of the excellence of the creations of an emblematic French house

Behind the Dior bracelet lie more than 70 years of history for the famous haute couture house. Founded in 1946, following the Second World War, by the fashion designer Christian Dior and the industrialist Marcel Boussac, it moved to 30, avenue Montaigne in Paris, where the very first Dior spring-summer collection was presented the year next.

In 1998, 41 years after the death of Christian Dior, Dior continued its diversification by creating Dior Joaillerie, of which designer Victoire de Castellane has been the artistic director since day one. Over the years, Dior also launched into makeup and perfume, thereby acquiring a privileged place in the world of luxury. A true “couture jewel” the Dior bracelet in turn embodies sophistication Dior style.

Combining the nobility of materials with the fantasy of design, the Dior bracelet stands out as a resolutely unique creation in the landscape of French high jewelry. A symbol of unique know-how and a solid heritage, the Dior bracelet also facilitates access to the Dior signature for a greater number of fashion enthusiasts and fans of beautiful objects, even more so when it comes in a vintage and/or second-hand version.

The Dior bracelet is added to your jewelry box thanks to our catalog of vintage and second-hand jewelry

The Dior bracelet is in the spotlight at Castafiore. Anxious to offer a beautiful second life to jewelry imagined in past decades and/or already worn, we entrust Authentication of vintage Dior bracelets and second-hand to our expert jewelers before these signed creations join our online store.

Iconic models then expand our collection of Dior bracelets, depending on new arrivals. This could include the “Rose des Vents” bracelet, which brilliantly reinterprets Christian Dior’s lucky star in the form of an eight-branched compass rose. In any case, our Dior bracelets offer a beautiful insight into the creative spirit of Victoire de Castellane over time, from 1998 to today.

By betting on one of our Dior bracelets to please yourself or someone dear to you, you contribute at the same time to bringing Dior creations to life and to making discover vintage jewelry to future generations. Designed from exceptional materials such as white gold and diamond, the Dior bracelets selected and authenticated by us are also designed to durably accessorize all day and evening outfits. Wear them, offer them and then pass them on without moderation.