Unlike any other jewelry, the Dior necklace is undoubtedly a noble work, just like the Dior House. Through our catalog, it has different vintage and second-hand models, certified by our jewelry experts according to artistic rules. And then contribute to Give a second life to the luxurious Dior necklace By investing in a piece of jewelry, we offer or treasure it for you in our online store.

Dior necklace, the accessory and core of our contemporary clothing

Although this famous high-end fashion store was established in 1946 at 30 Montaigne Avenue in Paris, the birth of the Dior necklace was relatively late. When fashion designer Christian Dior collaborated with industrialist Marcel Boussac to create Maison Dior, he first envisioned creating an extraordinary clothing collection specifically, which he did in Dior's second year of existence.

Dior necklaceHe is part of the Dior Joaillerie Foundation, which is committed to creating luxury jewelry with maximum respect for the professional knowledge and DNA of French brands. Victoire de Castellane served as a jewelry dealer for Chanel with Karl Lagerfeld from 1984 to 1998, and was appointed as the artistic director of Dior Jewelry after the project was launched. Since 1998, designers have been designing "fashion jewelry" that perfectly aligns with the aesthetic principles of Dior haute couture.

This is particularly true of Dior necklaces, which are no exception among the jewelry in Dior's catalog. It is made of the most noble materials, such as gold, rose gold, or platinum and diamonds, and is a perfect and timeless accessory in our jewelry box. Whether it's carrying, providing, or transmitting, The Dior necklace perfectly symbolizes the excellence of French luxury jewelry And its ability to adapt to current trends. Especially, retro/second-hand references implicitly tell the history and origin of jewelry. Dior Manufacturing.

Thanks to Castafiore, you can fully enjoy the retro or second-hand charm of Dior necklaces

At Castafiore, our goal is to restore the nobility of our past creations. We have chosen and verified for this Antique Jewellery And/or second-hand, before appearing on our website, is the true favorite of our team first. Therefore, the Dior necklace we have chosen meets all our quality requirements. They also embody eternity Dior JewelryAt the same time, play a leading role in reassessing the resources already produced.

Faced with the overproduction and inability to enter the luxury goods world, Dior Vintage Necklace On the contrary, second-hand cars can highlight the miracles created by Dior from 1998 to today. It also provides more consumers with the possibility of offering or purchasing Dior signature works, inviting them to reconsider the status of high-end jewelry in our daily lives.

Incomparable Beauty The Dior necklace is indeed worth a place on your neckDon't wait for any special occasions to come from luxury wearing necklaces, and decorate your appearance with cleverly mastered elegance and elegance.