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The Love bracelet has become, in more than half a century of existence, an iconic piece of the famous Cartier house. This exceptional and daring jewel embodies love and loyalty, but also the know-how and excellence of French jewelry. Treat yourself to a historic piece by opting for a vintage or second-hand piece of jewelry from Castafiore.

Love by Cartier, the long history of a prestigious jewel

It was in 1969 that the Love bracelet was born , under the leadership of American jeweler Aldo Cipullo. The man of Italian origin then suffers from a romantic disappointment, a breakup which gives rise to a creative act. Inspired by the famous medieval chastity belt, he imagines a jewel symbolizing the purity and loyalty of love. The bangle bracelet thus embodies eternal love because, when worn, it can only be removed using a screwdriver.

Aldo Cipullo then worked for Tiffany & Co., which refused to include this creation in its catalog. The designer frees himself from his commitments and presents his Love bracelet to the Cartier house. The revelation of this jewel is marked by a major seduction operation, since the Parisian jeweler sends this bangle to 25 emblematic couples. It is thus offered to the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, but also to Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, Frank and Nancy Sinatra or even Ali MacGraw and Steve McQueen.

The incomparable interpreter of Cleopatra plays an essential role in the reputation of the Love bracelet by Cartier, as she wears it on several occasions, while all eyes fall on her. We can notice the appearance of this jewel during the Proust ball organized by Marie-Hélène de Rothschild in 1971, on screen in the film Une belle tigresse in 1972 and on the set of Under Milk Wood the same year.

The Love de Cartier collection is not just a bracelet, since the iconic jewel has been available as a ring since 1978. The house also designs earrings, charms or cufflinks. It then undergoes several subtle metamorphoses, while retaining its unique opening system and its instantly recognizable line. The Love bracelet is available in white gold, pink gold, adorned with precious stones or set with diamonds, but also in an open version. In 2016, Cartier even offered a mini model that appealed to fans of the jewelry brand.

The Love bracelet, symbol of the Cartier house

Since 1847, Cartier has stood out for its exceptional creations, combining excellence and originality. The jewelers of this beautiful house put all their know-how at the service of these jewels, true pieces of art. With a worldwide reputation, the French brand is established in all the major luxury sectors: jewelry, fine jewelry, watches, leather goods and perfumery. For fans of Cartier creations, the Love bracelet embodies the prestige and skill of the house.

Refined and daring, the Love bracelet is a unique piece of jewelry . By wearing it, you will follow in the footsteps of the most beautiful couples, celebrated for their passionate love. At Castafiore, we highlight vintage and second-hand pieces. You will then be able to treat yourself to a most authentic Love bracelet, as fine and luminous as the new items in the Cartier catalog.

For a jewel as cult as the Love bracelet, the choice of vintage or second-hand is also that of history. Your Cartier piece has survived the years and thus conveys the hopes and love with which its owners have imbued it. This jewelry house must-have is certainly one of their best-selling creations, but it will always remain your piece of jewelry. Around your wrist, it takes charge of your energies and enhances your style. Its clean line allows you to wear it every day as well as for special occasions.

How to recognize a real Love bracelet?

For an iconic piece like the Love bracelet , the existence of counterfeits is proven. An authentic Cartier jewel, however, has some signs allowing it to be identified. The pieces in the Love collection are therefore made of 18-carat gold, a material that does not oxidize or generally wear out. An altered bracelet could therefore be a sign of a non-authentic piece. This gold composition also implies a certain weight: an item that is too light can set you off. An 18-carat gold bracelet weighs around thirty grams.

If the bracelet you wish to purchase has the inscription “Love” on its edge, it is a fake . The Cartier house has in fact never created a model with this engraving. The know-how of Parisian jewelry is also very recognizable: perfectly proportioned and regular screws, a clear signature and of course a Cartier maker's mark. Finally, some second-hand jewelry can be sold in its original box. This contributes to the authentication of the piece and must be of the highest quality.

At Castafiore, each piece of jewelry we offer is appraised and authenticated by our teams. Our experts are among the most competent and recognized in the art and jewelry market. We are committed to offering you a safe purchasing experience of unrivaled quality. All our second-hand treasures are carefully valued, so that you can acquire an authentic piece of your dream at the best price.

With Castafiore, treat yourself to the timeless Love bracelet

Buying vintage or second-hand jewelry is a strong gesture for the planet. Indeed, the jewelry market today suffers from the overexploitation of resources and raw materials. Gold and precious stones are becoming rarer and their extraction can have a real environmental impact. At Castafiore, we highlight vintage and second-hand pieces, which we value and resell in order to promote fairer and healthier consumption.

We believe in the circular economy and the benefits of transmission. Love bracelets, remarkable and luxurious pieces, are jewels that are just waiting to be reborn and reinvented according to the wrists they adorn. By buying second-hand from Castafiore, you are also choosing a durable, high-quality piece, which you can pass on to future generations if you wish.

Yellow gold, pink gold, white gold, set with diamonds, open or closed, flexible or bangle: our catalog is full of pieces from the Love by Cartier collection . Some bracelets are accompanied by their box and their iconic screwdriver, for a most complete experience. Find the Love bracelet of your dreams at Castafiore . Do you own a piece of jewelry and would like to have it appraised by our experts? Trust us and get a fair price for your part.